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Services for All Seasons

Your lawn care needs change from season to season, and Sharper Image Lawn Care is here for you all year long. From raking leaves in the fall to plowing snow in the winter, clearing debris in the spring, and ensuring your irrigation system is ready for summer, we have the know-how to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best for every season.

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Let us know what services you need and get a free, no-obligation estimate.

Fall & Spring Cleanup

Fall & Spring Cleanup

Fall and spring can be especially messy seasons, and your lawn may call for a little extra tidying. The Fall Cleanup prepares your yard for winter, while the Spring Cleanup removes any leftover leaves and debris to give your grass and landscape plants room to grow.


Fall Cleanup includes cleaning landscape beds and lawn areas of leaves, twigs, and debris. Spring Cleanup is a one-time cleaning of landscape beds and lawn areas to give a neat and uniform appearance. Landscape beds and lawn areas will be cleaned of all twigs, leaves, and debris. This service includes mowing as well.


Snow Plowing

Ditch the shovel! Michigan winters come with plenty of snow. Stay warm indoors while we clear your driveway, parking area, etc. to give you a safe commute. Sharper Image does complete snow plowing of both residential and commercial properties, as well as snow removal and salting.

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Lawn Care

Irrigation Systems

Does your lawn look dry and brown during the warmer months? While Michigan winters can be cold, the heat of Michigan summers can be brutal on grass. Sprinkler irrigation systems can help drought-proof your lawn and keep it healthy no matter the weather. You can count on Sharper Image for your irrigation needs, including irrigation system repairs, spring startups, and fall winterization.

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