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House Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Enjoy a Well-Maintained Lawn

Let’s face it, getting a neat and beautiful lawn takes a lot of hard work. You probably would rather be able to enjoy your outdoor space without having to worry about overgrown grass, unsightly turf borders, or debris on your patio. Let Sharper Image Lawn Care do the hard work for you. As well as keeping your lawn neat and trimmed, we can also offer advice on fertilization and weed control to keep your grass as healthy as possible.

Lawn Maintenance
Mowing and Trimming

Mowing & Trimming

We cut and trim all turf areas to provide a uniform, neat appearance. This service is completed once a week on a consistently scheduled weekday.

Clearing Walks

Clearing Walks, Drives, and Patios

Along with regular mowing, we blow off all concrete surfaces weekly to leave you with a neat outdoor area.



Edging along concrete surfaces like driveways, patios, and sidewalks gives a crisp, defined edge. This service is completed bi-weekly.

Wet grass

How To Get Started

Get a free quote

We’ll assess the size of your property and the work that will need to be done to give you a free cost estimate. There's no obligation, although we hope our excellent lawn care and customer service make us your first choice.

Choose a weekday for your regularly  maintenance

We'll compare calendars and decide on a consistent day of the week for your maintenance so you always know when to expect us. We come to mow once a week, but some of our services (such as edging) are done bi-weekly.

Sit back and enjoy your lawn!

With our open communication and quality service, you won’t have to worry about lawn maintenance again.

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