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Sharper Image Lawn Maintenance and Snowplowing 

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Lawn Maintenance:Weekly lawn service includes mowing & trimming of all turf areas to provide a uniform neat appearance. Also included is bi-weekly edging of all concrete surfaces to give a crisp defined edge, as well as  weekly blowing off all walks, drives,& patio's. This service will occur on a regularly scheduled day once a week. 

Spring Cleanup's: One time cleaning of landscape beds and lawn area's to give neat & uniform appearance.  Landscape beds and lawn area's will be cleaned of all twigs, leaves, and/or debris. Spring cleanup will include a mowing as well.

Fall Cleanup's: Cleaning of landscape beds & lawn area of leaves, twigs, and debris.  This service includes (2) well timed trips in November.

Fertilization: We offer timely and balanced fertilization and weed control programs to promote the health of you lawn.  

Irrigation Installations/Repairs: ​We offer irrigation repairs, spring startups, fall winterizations, plus full design and installation services.

Pruning Of Bushes/Shrubs: Pruning of bushes to be done (2) times a season.  The first pruning will take place during the first two weeks of June. The second will be done the middle to end of August. Shrubs will be pruned in manner consistent with existing shape and size as to not damage the plant. 

Bark/Stone Installation: Installation of bark or stone in landscape beds. Shredded bark or stones will be installed to give a manicured look to landscape beds.

Snowplowing:Plowing of commercial lots & residential driveways. We also do snow removal 

Salting: Salting of commercial lots to help provide a slip resistant surface.

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